Creamy Tuna Noodle Casserole

Who doesn’t love a really good tuna noodle casserole. Cheap and cheerful, they are still very popular world wide and this is my version. Enjoy. Tips: Use a good quality brand of tuna. I use Sirena Tuna in Olive oil and drain it in a sieve to remove the excess oil. It has a much […]

Italian Pasta

Italian Sausage Linguine

This a an absolute ripper of a recipe by Chef John. A handful of ingredients and an hour to simmer the sauce is all that’s required. Enjoy. Tips: Do use the best quality sausages you can afford. The flavour goes right through the sauce. Ours had chilli in them and it gave the sauce a […]

Asian Soup

Pork, Noodle and Omelette Soup

This simple and delicious soup is based on a Marion’s Kitchen recipe. This is my take which I have tweaked a little by adding noodles to the dish. Enjoy. Tips: Wonton wrappers are basically just square noodles so are very handy for quickly adding some noodley goodness to a soup. They also puff up beautifully […]

Breakfast Eggs

Savoury Dutch Babies

Dutch Baby pancakes (or Dutch Babies) are a cross between a Yorkshire Pudding, a pancake and an omelette. They are very popular in the USA and are generally eaten sweetened with icing sugar and fresh berries. I prefer a savoury taste and this is my take on a Chef John recipe. The textures are awesome, […]

Vegetables Vegetarian

Home Made Hash Browns

Despite being lover of hash browns, I don’t eat them very often as the commercially made ones tend to be quite oily. This simple and quick way of preparing fresh crispy, delicious hash browns is delicious and you can control the amount of fat you use. Enjoy. Tips: The amounts shown are for one serve. […]

Noodles Vegetarian

Creamy Miso Ramen

Everyone has those little packets of ramen noodles in the pantry. They are so handy for a quick meal. This quick and easy noodle dish is from Marion’s Kitchen and it’s a true winner as it dresses them up a bit and makes them more substantial. It literally takes 10 minutes to make and is […]

Vegetables Vegetarian

Smashed Potatoes

If you, like me, are an avid potato fan, these crispy smashed potatoes are a wonderful addition to any meal or just great on their own with a side salad. We have actually reheated them for breakfast with a fried egg on top. It’s like eating a very decadent hash brown. Enjoy. Tips: I throw […]


Pork and Apple Rissoles

These absolutely delicious rissole recipe comes via my friend and pool buddy Pam. She passed on the original recipe and this is my version. So quick and easy to make and full of flavour. Enjoy. Tips: The original recipe called for the apple and onion to be chopped into small pieces but I found it […]

Pasta Vegetarian

Pam’s Pasta

This awesome pasta recipe was given to me by my very good neighbour Pam who had made it a couple of nights before. Based on an original recipe by Mia Kouppa, this is one of many introducing the latest craze of baked feta. Roasting feta surrounded by vegetables then tossing it through pasta is a […]

Vegan Vegetarian

Lentil Curry

This deliciously creamy Lentil Curry is based on a recipe I found online from The Cooking Foodie. Flavoured with onion, coconut milk and crushed tomatoes, it is the best combination I have found. I altered some of the ingredients to make it to our taste and the result was sensational. Enjoy. Tips: I used green […]


Spicy Sausage Rice

Sausages really are a magic food these days. The days of the fatty old bangers are well and truly gone unless you enjoy them completely charred on a BBQ. This Gordon Ramsay one pan recipe is incredibly easy to make and is so tasty you will make it again and again. Enjoy. Tips: Do use […]


Chinese Broccoli and Velvet Chicken Stir Fry

This incredibly tender Chinese chicken and broccoli, made so by the secret “velveting” technique of marinating chicken in cornstarch, rice wine vinegar, egg whites and salt, is my take on a recipe from The Crepes Of Wrath website. I had been hunting for ideas to combine chicken and Chinese broccoli and used this recipe as […]