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Heavenly Homemade Hamburgers (Aussie Style)

There was a dill from America recently who made the news here by turning up his nose and declaring that Australians didn’t know how to make proper hamburgers!  As you can imagine we were feeling just a bit slighted so decided to make true blue, fair dinkum Aussie Hamburgers.  And we are so glad we did because they were sensational and if we could have, would have eaten two.  But we managed to curb our gluttony and enjoyed every mouthful of one big burger each.

So, without further fanfare – here they are.  The amounts shown make two big burgers…

AND they have beetroot on them AND and an egg!  (In some burger shops they serve a pineapple ring on them but even we thought that was a bit weird…)



500g lean beef mince

Onion salt

Olive oil

Balsamic Vinegar (optional)

2 rashers bacon

1 large brown onion sliced thinly

2 large free range eggs

2 slices tasty cheese

Handful of baby spinach leaves

1 roma tomato sliced

Sliced tinned beetroot

Tomato sauce

Salt & pepper to taste

2 hamburger buns


Combine beef mince with a dash of onion salt, pepper and tomato paste and form into large balls

Heat a little olive oil in a large pan and fry the onions until dark – I add a little balsamic vinegar to caramelise them

Meanwhile in a separate pan, flatten out the beef balls into large fairly thick discs and sizzle each side until cooked through

In the pan with the onions, push them to one side and throw in the bacon and fry until cooked though and push to one side

Using egg rings, break each egg in a ring and break up the yoke slightly.

When cooked on one side turn over and remove the ring

Place a slice of cheese on top of each burger and then start to assemble your creation

Split the buns and toast lightly on each side and top the flat side with spinach leaves

Add the sliced tomatoes

Place your burger on the tomatoes, top with the bacon, egg, beetroot and fried onions

A squirt of tomato sauce to crown the lot and put the top slice of bun on

Shove in gob!



Bon Appetit!  🙂

Lizzie’s Pie and Peas

We adore this dish – there’s nothing better than a fabulous homemade pie.  This recipe is for a basic Aussie Beef pie but we have also done these using chicken curry, goulash and chicken and mushroom.  The combinations are endless – just stick it in a pie and plonk it on a bed of pea mash and away you go…



1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 onion finely chopped

2 large carrots grated

1 large stick of celery finely chopped

6 rashers of bacon finely chopped

½ kilo high quality minced beef

Good glug of tomato sauce

2 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

Good pinch of nutmeg

1 cup of beef stock

Salt & pepper to taste

1 sheet of puff pastry per pie tin

1 beaten egg to use as an egg wash to stick the pastry together


Fry the vegetables and bacon together until softened

Add the beef mince and make sure you break up any lumps as you are browning it

Add in the tomato sauce (to taste) and the nutmeg

Mix thoroughly

Add the beef stock and simmer uncovered for about half an hour or until stock has reduced and the mixture is nice and thick

Season to taste with salt and pepper

To make the pies:

Spray individual deep pie tins with cooking spray

Cut pastry sheet in half and push into the tin

Patch up the sides with the overlapping bits by brushing with an egg wash to stick them together

Fill with beef mixture and cover with left over pastry using the egg wash around the rim

Pinch the edges together and poke two small slits in the centre of each pie to allow the steam to escape

Place in a preheated oven on 200c (fan forced) for around 30 minutes or until golden

Serve with pea mash

Pea Mash:

Boil peeled potatoes in plenty of salted water

Throw in a big handful of frozen peas a few minutes before the potatoes are completely cooked

When cook, drain in a colander and put back into the pot

Add a big knob of butter, salt & pepper to taste and a glug of milk

Mash roughly together until mixture is smooth but not a puree

Bon Appetit!

Teriyaki Beef with Toasted Sesame Seeds

This delicious beef dish is ridiculously easy to make.  We have this a lot in the summer as Simon grills the pieces on the BBQ.  I sometimes thread them onto skewers and serve with a Wasabi Cream.

You can also use chicken thighs if you wish but these have to be left on for much longer to ensure they are cooked though…

Teriyaki Beef


500g Beef Fillet

1/2 commercially bought Teriyaki Marinade (we use Masterfoods brand)

3 tablespoons sesame seeds


Cut the beef into large cubes

Marinate in Teriyaki marinade for a few hours or preferably overnight

Grill over BBQ or fry the cubes in very hot frypan for a couple of minutes only – you want the beef to still be pink inside but charred on the outside

Dry fry the sesame seed in a non stick pan and sprinkle over the beef to serve

Serve with roti bread to mop up the sauce

Wasabi Cream:

1 teaspoon Wasabi powder

1 tablespoon of water

1/2 cup of sour cream

finely chopped chives to garnish

Mix the Wasabi powder and water together to form a paste

Stir in the sour cream

Garnish with freshly chopped chives

Bon Appetit!

Lizzie’s Bolognese Sauce

I have been making this sauce the same way for about 30 years.  It can be fiddled with by adding extra ingredients such as mushrooms, spinach, grated zucchini or bacon etc.  The basic sauce however is delicious…

This recipe make quite a lot of sauce but it freezes very well and I also use it for lasagne or savoury pancakes…


1 kg premium beef mince

2 carrots grated

1 large onion finely chopped

2 large cloves of garlic grated (I find grated garlic more flavoursome in sauces)

splash olive oil

wine glass of red wine

810 gram can crushed tomatoes

tub tomato paste

1 teaspoon Italian herbs (I always have a tube of Garden Gourmet Italian Herbs in the freezer)


salt & pepper to taste

large pinch of sugar (this is to taste and is optional)

1 litre of beef stock

a splash of balsamic vinegar


Over a high heat sweat the onion, grated carrot and grated garlic together in the olive oil

Add the minced beef and stir constantly to break up as finely as possible

Add the herbs and nutmeg and continue to stir

Add the red wine

Add in the tin of crushed tomatoes and tub of tomato paste

Mix together thoroughly

Add in the beef stock

It will look quite thin and soupy at this stage

Add a little salt & pepper – not too much as you can add more at the end

Bring back to boil then move onto a lower heat and cook uncovered at a slow to medium simmer for 2 hours or until it cooks down to a thick sauce

At this point you can adjust the salt & pepper and add in the sugar – this takes the acidity away from the tomatoes

If necessary add in a splash of balsamic vinegar – it gives a real punch to the sauce…

Serve with any type of pasta – spaghetti is wonderful of course.  I always drain the pasta and toss the sauce through before serving..

Top with freshly grated parmesan cheese..

Bon Appetit!

Hot Tamale (Beef with Macaroni)

 This is a recipe my mother has been making for about 40 years…  We don’t remember why it’s called Hot Tamale – that’s been lost to history –  it’s not Mexican Tamale – but I can tell you this is delicious and easy and everyone just loves it!  If I bring a tray of this to a party it’s always the first thing gone…

Hot Tamale

Variations: You can also add in grated vegetables such as zucchini, parsnip and carrots.  Add mushrooms and spinach as well.  If you top it with a thick cheese sauce before baking it is a very decadent dish indeed…  The possibilities are endless…  


large packet of pasta, eg macaroni, elbows etc. (I used small penne last time)

grated parmesan cheese

500 g good quality mince meat (I use diet mince)

2 onions


chilli to taste (I use Sambal Oelek)

tin of crushed tomatoes

2 tins tomato soup (I use Campbell’s)

olive oil

salt & pepper to taste

2 teaspoons sugar


Fry the onion, garlic & chilli

Add the mince meat, breaking it up while browning it.

Add the undiluted tomato soup

Add the seasonings and sugar.

Simmer while the pasta is cooking

Cook the pasta until just al dente, and mix together with the meat sauce

Pile into a casserole dish (I usually manage to get two dishes out of this much and freeze one)

Sprinkle with lot’s of parmesan cheese and bake at 200c for about 20-30 minutes until cheese is browned.

Serve with crusty bread

Bon Appetit!

Beef Goulash

A friend of my husband is of Hungarian background and his parents recently returned from a trip to the old country with large amounts of genuine Hungarian Paprika. Our friend sent some home for me to try and it is fantastic. Smoky and spicy, it adds such a depth of flavour to this Beef Goulash recipe which is the simplest and quickest I have ever found.  It is so easy and always tastes fabulous.  I make a heap of it and freeze it during the winter as it’s very versatile.

Try using it as a pie filling – yummy…

You can also add a carton of beef stock to any that’s leftover and make Goulash Soup – this is also very tasty…


1 large onion chopped

Olive Oil

2 large red capsicums sliced

malt vinegar

3-4 tablespoons Hungarian paprika

4 cloves of finely chopped garlic

zest of 1 lemon

1 tub of tomato paste

2 kg cubed chuck steak

beef stock to cover – (I use Campbells Beef Stock in a tetra pack)

salt & freshly ground pepper

chopped parsley (optional)


Heat a few tablespoons of oil in heavy bottomed pot.

Saute onions until golden

Add capsicum and garlic & stir for a minute or two

Then add 1 tablespoon of vinegar, then the paprika, lemon zest and tomato paste

Cook until paste changes colour and add beef.

Cover with stock, mix well, cover pot and simmer in moderate oven or on top of the stove until beef is tender (I usually leave it for over two hours and leave the lid off so it cooks down)

Check seasoning, adding vinegar, salt & pepper as necessary

Serve with noodles or mashed potatoes.

Sprinkle with plenty of chopped parsley

Bon Appetit!

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