Steamed Eggs

There are boiled eggs and then there are steamed eggs!  We have spent years perfecting the perfect boiled egg – lovely just cooked white and a luxurious oozing yolk.  I stumbled across “steamed eggs” being used by a cafe and the difference in texture was noticeable at once.

Rule number one – always use free range eggs.  The colour of the yolks is stunning and they really do taste so much better than cage eggs.  We use a Chinese bamboo steamer over a pan of water on a fairly high simmer.  The trick is to have the water already simmering, take the eggs out of the fridge and steam with the cover on for exactly six minutes.  At the six-minute mark lift them out immediately with tongs or a spoon as they are cooked and any longer they will be hard.

This method is also excellent if you want to peel eggs for a salad – they seem easier to shell than when they are boiled…

This is comfort food at it’s best and the addition of toast “soldiers” to dip in to the glorious golden centre makes a perfect breakfast, lunch or supper…

Steamed Eggs

Bon Appetit!   🙂


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