Mini Chicken Kiev Balls

Who doesn’t love Chicken Kiev – garlic butter oozing out from deep-fried chicken pieces – it ticks all the boxes for me and now you can make them in minutes with the minimum of fuss…

I use fresh chicken thighs and roughly blitz them myself as I find bought chicken mince is a bit too mushy.   The texture is much more substantial if you do it yourself. You can buy thigh mince or ask your butcher to mince them for you…

I also cheat with the garlic butter – you can make your own of course, but it becomes messy trying to get it into the chicken meatball so I cheat and use Lurpak Danish Garlic butter which comes in a little stick.  Any left butter can be frozen and kept for the next batch.

Chicken Kiev 2

When these balls of deliciousness come out of the hot oil, beware the butter is very hot!  When it cools down it permeates though the chicken mince and the taste is sensational…  I get about a dozen balls from four large chicken thighs and they reheat well…

Chicken Kiev


4 large chicken thighs

Garlic butter

Salt & pepper to season

2 beaten eggs

2 cups flour

2 cups panko crumbs

1 teaspoon garlic salt (optional)

Canola oil for frying


Trim chicken thighs of all visible fat

In a food processor (or Ninja) blitz the chicken with salt & pepper until broken up but not a paste

Cut the garlic butter into small cubes

Using wet hands, shape the chicken mince into balls

Push a cube of butter into the middle of each ball and seal it thoroughly

Roll in flour then dip in egg mixture

Roll in panko crumbs seasoned with garlic salt

Deep fry in hot oil for around 6-8 minutes – not too high – until the balls are golden brown and the chicken is cooked through

Drain on paper towels

Be careful when cutting them – the butter is HOT


Bon Appetit!   🙂


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