Best Ever Iced Coffee

Who doesn’t love a refreshing iced coffee.  I have now mastered the best recipe and I must tip my hat to Anna who is the barista at the coffee shop I frequent every day.

Anna makes this for me once a week and graciously showed me her technique which I have now adapted to what we have at hand and the size of our glassware…  Anna uses hazelnut syrup but we could only find vanilla which is just as nice.

We have an espresso machine but you could use a pod style coffee machine and use two pods per serve…

The ingredients below will make one large glass of iced coffee…



1 ice-cube

2 scoops of good quality vanilla ice-cream

1 double shot of espresso coffee poured into a small latte glass or cup

1 tablespoon of vanilla malt syrup (we use Bickfords brand)

hot chocolate powder


Put ice-cube in bottom of tall glass

Add ice-cream scoops

Pour over hot espresso coffee – the ice-cube and ice-cream will offset the heat of the espresso shot

Add vanilla syrup

Top up with ice-cold milk

Stir to mix together

Sprinkle with chocolate powder

Bon Appetit!  🙂


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