Pancake Lasagne

This is a recipe I have been making for over 30 years – it came about when a friend wanted to make lasagne for dinner but we didn’t have a square casserole dish in the house so she decided to make it with round pancakes!  What a gem of a recipe this turned out to be…

The ingredients can be amended to accommodate just about any combination you fancy – want some meat sauce in there – just add it in.  Want to make it with tuna – add a tin of tuna to the cheese sauce!  The possibilities are endless.

Just one point – this is a labour of love – you need to assemble everything before you start then it’s a breeze to put together.  I haven’t included recipes for the tomato sauce or the pancakes – everyone know how to make them!

And here is the finished product straigh out of the oven.  Cut it into wedges like a cake and serve with a green salad – delicious…

Pancake Lasagne just out the oven



6 large pancakes

450g box frozen spinach (cooked as per instruction on pack)

6 hardboiled eggs, sliced

Approx. 2 cup Napolitano sauce (homemade Italian tomato sauce)

Approx. 2 cups thick cheese sauce

2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese


Have all the ingredients ready to assemble

Place a tablespoon or so in the bottom of a round casserole dish

Lay down a pancake

Top with a couple of tablespoons of tomato sauce, a sprinkling of spinach and a sliced boiled egg

Top with another pancake

Continue to layer until all the ingredients are used

Finish with a plain pancake for the top layer

Carefully pour over the thick cheese sauce until the top is covered

The sauce will slowly fill in all the gaps around pancakes and filling

Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and some freshly ground nutmeg

Bale in 180c fan-forced oven for around 40 minutes or until top is golden and bubbly.

Cut into wedges like a cake and serve

Excellent with a green salad

Bon Appetit!  🙂


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