Scottish Tattie Scones

Being from Glasgow, I grew up enjoying these delicious “Tattie” or potato scones for breakfast on a regular basis. They are renowned in Scotland and can be bought pre-made by a butcher here in Melbourne called Rob’s British Butcher. He stocks all the goodies such as Scottish Square Sausage, White Pudding, Tattie Scones, Gammon and Mutton Pies.

I prefer home-made Tattie Scones and we have them as often as we can. Delicious with bacon and eggs for breakfast they are easy to make and definitely worth the effort.

I use left over mashed potato and a cup of mash makes about 16 good-sized scones.

I cup of mashed potato
4 tablespoons of milk (to soften and make into a thick paste)
Approx. 1 cup of plain flour (more or less)
Small amount of Olive Oil spray for frypan

Mix the milk into the mashed potato in a large bowl until it is a thick paste
Incorporate the flour and turn onto a pastry sheet.
Knead it like you would a scone dough – it should look and feel like scone dough when ready
Shape into a round loaf and cut in two
Shape again into a round loaf and roll out thinly – you should have a circle of thin dough.
Cut into 8 triangles
Repeat with the other half of the loaf
Spray frypan with a small amount of Olive Oil spray and fry in a hot pan.
These are almost dry fried as they should not be oily

Serve with crispy bacon and runny eggs and the obligatory HP Sauce…

Bon Appetit!


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