Hot Tamale (Beef with Macaroni)

 This is a recipe my mother has been making for about 40 years…  We don’t remember why it’s called Hot Tamale – that’s been lost to history –  it’s not Mexican Tamale – but I can tell you this is delicious and easy and everyone just loves it!  If I bring a tray of this to a party it’s always the first thing gone…

Hot Tamale

Variations: You can also add in grated vegetables such as zucchini, parsnip and carrots.  Add mushrooms and spinach as well.  If you top it with a thick cheese sauce before baking it is a very decadent dish indeed…  The possibilities are endless…  


large packet of pasta, eg macaroni, elbows etc. (I used small penne last time)

grated parmesan cheese

500 g good quality mince meat (I use diet mince)

2 onions


chilli to taste (I use Sambal Oelek)

tin of crushed tomatoes

2 tins tomato soup (I use Campbell’s)

olive oil

salt & pepper to taste

2 teaspoons sugar


Fry the onion, garlic & chilli

Add the mince meat, breaking it up while browning it.

Add the undiluted tomato soup

Add the seasonings and sugar.

Simmer while the pasta is cooking

Cook the pasta until just al dente, and mix together with the meat sauce

Pile into a casserole dish (I usually manage to get two dishes out of this much and freeze one)

Sprinkle with lot’s of parmesan cheese and bake at 200c for about 20-30 minutes until cheese is browned.

Serve with crusty bread

Bon Appetit!


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  1. How much does this recipe make?

    1. Hi Najla – this amount feeds around 6 people or 4 very hungry people! 🙂

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